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Dr. Matthews Talks About How A High-Tech Dental Office Benefits You

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Our In-House Dental Lab Means a Better Patient Experience

A variety of dental procedures – including placement of dental crowns, bridges, veneers and implants – require customized pieces to be made that will fit a patient perfectly. In most instances, these custom fabrications must be sent out to an independent dental lab, then sent back to the dental practice for final placement. As you might imagine, this is a lengthy process that prolongs the patient’s start-to-finish time. However, at Big Sky Smile Center in Sidney, MT and Miles City, MT, we are proud to offer our very own in-house lab services, which eliminates this extra step and wait time!

In addition to faster patient turnaround times, the benefits of a state-of-the-art in-house dental lab include increased quality control, since the lab technicians work hand-in-hand with Dr Matthews, in real time during procedures and surgeries, and together have decades of dental experience. Additionally, there is a reduced overall cost, since the patient is not paying an independent lab for separate services. An in-house dental lab also reduces the likelihood that a patient will have to make multiple trips to the office for things like fittings and adjustments. Lastly, the in-house labs here at Big Sky Smile Center in Sidney, MT and Miles City, MT allow us to fully personalize each patient’s treatment process, allowing you to walk away with the perfect results you deserve.

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Key Benefits of an In-House Dental Lab

The Technology Inside Our State-of-the-Art Dental Lab

Thanks to our technologically advanced equipment – which includes three EnvisionOne 3-D printers, a SprintRay Pro 55 3-D printer, two Planmeca mill, and two of the famous M1 mills by Zirkonzahn®, two intra-oral scanners to allow for digital impressions, and an implant oral scanner using the PIC dental system – we utilize world-class technology to produce world-class results every day in Eastern Montana! We print crowns and full arch prosthetics on a daily basis, allowing for dramatically reduced wait times for single- and multiple-tooth dental implant procedures. Our technician also routinely communicates directly with both the doctor and the patient, in order to ensure that every piece we fabricate leads to a perfect fit and a brilliant, stunning smile. Our high-tech lab at Big Sky Smile Center can produce:

dental cbct scanner

Our world-class dental lab services lead to a great patient experience!

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