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Engineering Perfect Smiles, One Patient At A Time

At Big Sky Smile Center in Williston, ND and Watford City, ND, we know all too well the pain and turmoil that can be brought about by damaged, missing and/or decaying teeth. Missing teeth can make it difficult and physically painful for you to eat, they can make you feel embarrassed to smile or go out in public, and they can even sap your happiness, self-worth and self-confidence. Luckily, Dr. Barrie Matthews and our team of dental experts have the proper skills and tools to fully transform even the most damaged sets of teeth into perfect smiles. A new set of teeth is restorative in more ways than one, so call us today and rediscover your smile, your confidence, and your overall quality of life.

Full Mouth Solutions: What Can You Expect?

When it comes to full mouth dental solutions, customized care is paramount to achieving perfect results. With nearly twenty years of experience in full-mouth rejuvenation, Dr. Matthews has acquired the skills, techniques and cosmetic dental artistry needed to bring out the perfect smile that exists in every patient. Of course, this requires an adept approach in order to treat each patient on an exclusively personal level.

For this reason, Dr. Matthews and our team at Big Sky Smile Center place a special emphasis on initial consultations. In addition to discussing your personal oral-health goals and future vision, our team will conduct a detailed consultation, including a 3-D CT x-ray of your upper and lower jaw and a review of your medical history, before determining a treatment protocol utilizing dental implants. Full mouth oral restoration is a life-changing process, which is why we make it a point to treat every patient with the personalized care and attention they deserve.


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Our All-On-X for Teeth-In-A-Day Transformation Process


Step 1: Personalized Consultation

As discussed above, an in-depth personal consultation is crucial in order to achieve the best possible results for full-mouth dental restoration. Every patient is unique; this means that every patient must be treated on a personalized level. Prior to discussing any treatment plan or protocol, Dr. Matthews will thoroughly review your CT x-ray, medical history, and dental history to ensure you are a good candidate for dental implants.

Fortunately, your consultation is a one-step process that requires just a single visit to our location in either Watford City, ND or Williston, ND. One of the key factors to implant placement is the presence of adequate healthy jawbone. In the absence of healthy bone, bone grafting and/or zygomatic implant placement may be required.


Step 2: Procedure & Treatment

After your consultation, Dr. Matthews will be able to determine and discuss with you a treatment plan that will work for your individual needs to give you the best long-term success. Depending on the extent and severity of your particular oral health, adequate results may be possible with cosmetic applications only, but for more extensive cases, such as already having a poorly fitting denture, missing multiple teeth or have teeth that cannot be restored due to the large amount of decay, dental implant surgery will likely be required. We offer IV Sedation and General Anesthesia to ease anxiety and make your procedure as comfortable as possible.


Step 3: Teeth-In-A-Day & New Beginnings

In terms of treatment time, full-mouth restoration, with dental implants, for Teeth-In-A-Day is usually completed in a single day, all under one roof with Dr. Matthews! You will leave our office with a new smile and a new beginning in a temporary set of teeth that are fixed to your implants. Healing will take several months and at about three to four months after surgery, we will begin the process to get you in a more permanent set of teeth. We use the most advanced and innovative technology, with the very best materials, to bring you the most functional and aesthetically beautiful teeth. This results in decades of reliable daily use with a return of nearly 95% of the functionality of your natural teeth! Plus, you’ll have the increased confidence to show off your beautiful new smile! Of course, no procedure or treatment is complete without routine checkups and follow-up appointments, which are crucial to achieving quality long-term results.

During your follow-ups, Dr. Matthews and our team at Big Sky Smile Center will check and make sure that the fixed implants have adequately fused with the jaw, and that the abutment and prosthetic are fastened securely for decades of normal, daily use.

As is the case with every treatment we perform, your comfort and care are our top priority. Follow-up appointments are your opportunity to ask any questions that you may have in terms of your treatment, and also to let us know if you have been experiencing any pain or discomfort. Our team is here to help you achieve the smile you've always wanted, and this begins with quality communication and the development of a meaningful, long-lasting doctor/patient relationship. When you're here, you're family!

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Full Mouth Solutions For A New And Improved You

If you’re suffering from missing, cracked, decaying and/or otherwise damaged teeth or a poorly fitting denture, full-mouth oral restoration with dental implants may be the solution you need. All-On-X for Teeth-In-A-Day has many benefits when compared to traditional dentures: Implants are less painful, they restore the functionality of your natural chewing ability by up to 95%, and they do not contribute to jawbone loss. In fact, in direct contrast to dentures, they actually help support and maintain healthy bone mass!

While dental implants are more costly initially, they typically end up being the more economical option when compared to traditional dentures, given the fact that they require less repair and maintenance over the long term.

Dr. Matthews and our team at Big Sky Smile Center have the skill, experience and technology needed to deliver stunning and truly life-changing results. We also believe in access and affordability, which is why we offer a range of payment options, so nothing will keep you from receiving the dental solution that will restore health, happiness and confidence back into your life!

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