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Dr. Matthews Talks About Sedation Options To Help With Dental Fear.

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Effective Anesthesia Options For Your Dental Procedure

At Big Sky Smile Center, we know the effects that dental anxiety can have on a patient. Fortunately, we also know how to help you overcome it. Our team is here to make your experience and your procedure as comfortable and pain-free as possible, with maximum safety at the forefront. We have licensed anesthesia providers on staff, including Dr. Barrie Matthews, who has had years of advanced training beyond dental school.  If you’re looking for a practice with anesthesia options in either Miles City, MT or Sidney, MT, call us today!

Quality, Effective Dental Anesthesia

Sedation Dentistry Services

dental iv sedation

IV Sedation

Administered intravenously, IV sedation puts you into a sleeplike state (though you will typically remain awake during treatment). IV sedation sometimes results in amnesic effects, meaning you may forget all or part of your procedure. Dr Matthews is one of a very few select dentists in Eastern Montana that has the qualifications and experience to perform IV Sedation services. Because IV sedation produces lasting effects, you will need to arrange transportation to and from your office visit.

patient under dental general anesthesia

General Anesthesia

Used for more complex or extensive procedures (e.g. All-On-X for Teeth-In-A-Day), general anesthesia involves a combination of sedation medications that render patients unconscious. A CRNA or Dental Anesthesiologist works with Dr. Matthews, at Big Sky Smile Center, to perform General Anesthesia services, so you can be safely and comfortably sedated for surgery. Because General Anesthesia produces lasting effects, you will need to arrange transportation to and from your office visit.

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Don't Let Dental Anxiety Stand In The Way Of Treatment

Many patients who have dental anxiety end up ignoring dangerous symptoms and skipping treatment due to their fear of visiting the dentist’s office. Be forewarned: doing so can have consequences on your long-term overall health. Even minor dental issues that go untreated can morph into complicated, whole-body health issues and systemic complications, including increased pain, more treatments, and even increased risks of developing serious conditions, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease! Given that we have a full range of sedation and anesthesia options at Big Sky Smile Center in Miles City, MT and Sidney, MT, there really is no reason to let this happen to you. Call our office today to learn more about how our specialized and comprehensive sedation solutions can provide you with the comfort and confidence you need for a healthy smile and a healthy life.

We Make Your Dental Visit As Safe, Comfortable And Pain-Free As Possible.

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